What is a Podcast ?

The word ‘podcast‘ can refer to content (computer files usually with a file extension ending in .mp3 for audio or .mp4 for video) or to the method of delivering content through RSS or Atom syndication formats. In terms of the Library experience, podcasting is a way you can listen to or view Library programs on your computer or personal digital media player without coming to the Library or even visiting the Library Web page.

Do I need an Ipod ?

No. You can listen to the podcast on your computer. The easiest way is to simply select “Play Now” or “Play in Popup” and listen/watch in your Web browser. You can also download the podcast to your computer by right-clicking “Download” and selecting “Save Target As.” Once you have the podcast file on your computer, you can open both audio and video podcasts using QuickTime, Real Player, or Windows Media Player. These applications are available as free downloads, using the links provided here.

will the Library offer?

Initially, those programs where the presenter/performer grants the Library permission will be podcasted. In the future, short tutorials to the many services and resources available to you at the Library will be provided to help enhance your experience and use of the Library. We’d also like to hear your ideas for podcasts! Got an idea? Send us an e-mail!

What does a podcast cost ?

Nothing. The best things in life really are free! You don’t even need a library card. But if you don’t have a library card, what are you waiting for? Like these podcasts, a library card is free!

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Why is the Library podcasting ?

One of the Library’s main purposes is to connect you with the information you need, when and where you need it. Podcasting gives you the convenience of accessing and viewing content at your leisure. Perhaps it’s 3 a.m., and you’ve got a civil service exam to take at 8 a.m. A podcast introducing the Learning Express, the practice test database acessible through the Library’s Web page could help! Or perhaps you’re on vacation, and want to unwind after trekking through the Himalayas. A podcast of a Tibetan dance group who performed at the Library might be what’s called for. Or perhaps you’ve got a three year old child who needs entertaining during a car ride. A podcast of the latest children’s storytime should do the trick.

new podcasts are available ?

The best way to never miss a podcast is to subscribe using the RSS feed located on the sidebar of every page. Subscribing is free and allows content to be delivered to you whenever something new is available. For more information on how to subscribe, visit the Help page.