Definitions of terms used on this site

Podcast, RSS, Atom, Syndication, Permalink

View/Dowload on a Computer

What software do I need to view the podcasts on my computer?
The latest version of QuickTime is recommended. Podcasts can also be played using Real Player and Windows Media Player. Software is available for free download using the links provided.
How do I download a podcast?
Right-click the “Download” link located at the bottom of every podcast. Select “Save Target As” and save the file to a location you’ll remember on your computer.
Can I view podcasts inside the Library?
To provide a comfortable, quiet environment inside the Library, sound is not available on the Library’s computers. So podcasts can’t be viewed currently from inside the Library.
Why can’t I hear or see the podcast?
Check for the latest version of required software and that your speakers are turned on.
Why does a video podcast take a long time to play?
Try downloading the video using Itunes. Go directly to the Sunnyvale Public Library Podcast page in Itunes, and download any of the podcasts by subscribing or selecting “Get Episode.”


Who can submit a comment, and when are they posted?
Anyone can post a comment. Comments are usually posted within 24-48 hours. Comments are reviewed and approved based on the following criteria: does the comment relate to the program podcast, and does the comment contain any objectionable language?

Still have questions? Call us at (408) 730-7300 or send us an e-mail.

Viewing on an Ipod

How do I watch a podcast on an Ipod?
First, download the podcast to your computer. Then, open iTunes (iTunes is available as a free download using the link provided). Under the “File” menu, select “Add File to Library.” Locate the downloaded podcast on your computer, select it so that it’s name appears in the “File Name” box, and then click “Open.” Now the next time you connect your Ipod to your computer, the podcast will automatically be loaded on to your Ipod.


How do I subscribe to the Sunnyvale Public Library podcasts?
Option 1: Click on “Subscribe in Itunes” from the sidebar of any Web page on this site. If Itunes is installed on your computer, the Sunnyvale Public Library’s Podcast page will open in Itunes. Then, simply click on “Subscribe.”

Option 2: From the sidebar of any Web page on this site, click on “RSS.” Then, click on the Address bar to highlight the URL address. Copy this link. In any number of RSS feed aggregators or podcatchers (free downloadable software you can use to manage your podcasts), there will be a place to paste the URL address of the RSS feed. After doing that, you will be subscribed, and any new podcast will be automatically delivered to you